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We roast a boutique amount of coffee but our range is second to none. We are always exploring new origins and roasting techniques. Below you can find the perfect blend for your everyday milk coffee, an amazing seasonal espresso blend and a range of filters and single origin espresso coffees. We are coffee geeks roasting for coffee geeks.

Here is a quick guide;

Drinking with milk? White Label is our "mild milk-chocolate-like" blend, Ice Breaker is our "dark roast, big bodied, traditional Italian style" blend, Smooth Sailing sits in the middle with a "good body, creamy almonds and caramel-like" flavours. Fruit Merchant is our fruity blend, for the fruity milky beverage lovers! Feeling adventurous, go with our Single Origin roasted for espresso!

Drinking Black? Fruit Merchant is our daily espresso blend, selected and roasted for our barista's who drink spro's all day. Fruit-driven, balanced, structured citric-like acidity... this is a black coffee lovers perfect espresso. Otherwise jump on our rotating Single Origins -roasted specifically either for Filter or Espresso!

When you order our Single Origin coffee for filter or espresso, we will have a selection ready-to-go. Leave it up to us, or pop in the comments on your order your flavour or brew preference... and we'll match something for you! Otherwise, feel free to leave us a note and we can call you to discuss the options. We LOVE chatting directly with our customers!